Monthly Archive: July 2015

Finished My First Field Notes Book!

Field Notes are a big thing. Everyone knows about them and a lot of folks use them.

I ignored them for a long time, mostly because I was trying to do an electronic capture of everything. After reading David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” I realized that I needed a very quick capture system, that I would take anywhere and would always have with me. After deciding to do this, I decided to use Field Notes books for this.

This is the first book I started, and I finally reached the final pages.

From the cover, I started this book on 1/24/15. It took so long for me to finished for several reasons. This wasn’t a “journal” for expanded writing. It was mostly used for quickly capturing things that ended up elsewhere, but it was the Field Notes book that I always had with me. I would write on both sides of the pages (most of the time). Sometimes, I would have multiple days on a single page.

For whatever reasons that it lasted this long, I am now ready to move to a second book. I just thought you might enjoy a few pictures of this well worn book before I retire it.






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