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Is This What it is All About?

This week, my kids have a week off from school for their “mid-winter break.” Other than being sick of the long winter, I am not sure of the purpose of this break. I know it is something that we never used to get as kids. Regardless of “why” the kids don’t have school this week, it still leaves my wife and I with the decision of what to do during this week. Our options include:

1) I just continue to work as normal, and let the kids drive my wife nuts 🙂 It is not like it is when they are off in the summer where they can go to the beach, the zoo, historic villages, or just have them play outside. Our high temperature lately has been in the single digits and lows below zero. Even the diehards are not outside at the moment and even running errands is not fun. Doesn’t seem like the best option.

2) Go someplace warm! We would all love to do this. Unfortunately the cost of flying the whole family somewhere is insanely expensive and driving to warm weather would take at least two days. Four days of driving in a week long vacation just doesn’t seem fun. Especially with a bunch of kids asking “Are we there yet.” 🙂

3) Somewhere indoors, that is not too far, and will keep the kids entertained. So, as usual this time of year, we took the kids to an indoor waterpark for a couple of days.

If you have even made it is far, you are probably wondering why I am even writing about this. At the beginning of every vacation like this, I am overwhelmed by a very odd feeling that I wonder if other people have as well. It is basically “Is this what it is all about?” Yes, a deep question about life.

I mean, during an average work week, what I have the least of, is time. Work, Dinner, dishes, kid’s events and not to mention the dreaded homework. I haven’t even mentioned the things that I would like to do. Yet, at the first moment of getting some free time (vacation) we pay a lot of money, drive a fair distance, just to be entertained and to focus on not having to do anything. I have always been amazed at the extent that people go to do “nothing” or at least in my mind, do stuff that is not all that meaningful.

That is always my initial feeling, which is why I am writing about it. But, it usually does not take that long for me to change my tune. Why? Because we (the family) are spending time together. I get the chance to interact with everyone and yet each person individually. I get to have “moments” with each family member that quickly reminds me that, yeah…..this IS worth it.

While at first glance it may seem odd floating on a tube in a man-made channel of chlorine water as a way to spend free time, I wouldn’t give up the family moments we get to have for anything.

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