Why a Coach?

Even though photography is a very popular topic, a lot of time there is still nobody immediately around us who is really into it. You show your photographs to friends and relatives and they say “Oh….that’s nice.” Yet, you know it could be better and you want to get better, but “that’s nice” doesn’t do anything to help us improve.

Writers use coaches, athletes have coaches, many professions require a mentor. Photography is no different. In any skill set, if you are interested in improving some times you just have to get the perspective of someone that has a different set of information than what is in our head. Someone that can offer more than a “that’s nice” opinion.

With that in mind, I do not pretend that my way is the “right” way in photography. There is no such thing, but I still know that I can help you. In fact, with every option that I have come up with for coaching, I provide a money back gaurantee that you will get helpful information.

If you don’t see an option that suits what you are looking for, let me know. We can customize something for you.

Portfolio Review

Do you already have a group of photos that represents your work? Do you feel like your work is stuck and not getting any better? Then, this option would be perfect for you.

For your portfolio review, send me 15-20 of your best photographs. I will provide detail on each and every photograph for ways for improvement. The feedback will also include practical things that you can do, instead of just talking theory. This is not criticism….it’s not a bad thing. It is meant to encourage and help.

Money Back Guarantee: I will start with the first 2 or 3 photos and give the feedback on those only. If you do not feel that any helpful information was provided, I will give you a full refund.

One At A Time

Submit a photo for review, have it reviewed and then used the suggestions and tips to move in the right direction. We continue this for as long as you like.

Money Back Guarantee: If after your first photo submission, you do not feel the feedback was helpful, I will give you a full refund.