Don’t Forget the Fun!!!

When I started learning photography, I wasn’t really interested in people. I was more interested in nature and landscapes.

Once I got the bug to take portraits, I didn’t realize how much of it was people skills as opposed to photography skills. Don’t get me wrong, without photography skills, I don’t think that your portraits will have that pop and excitement that you like. But, without the people skills you are going to get technically good photographs, without much interests.

So, while I am in the middle of writing lessons on the more technical aspects of photography, I don’t want it to come off as all mechanical and emotionless either.

Today’s quick little post is about having fun!!!

The quicker you can connect to your subject, the better. The better you know them, and know their personality, the quicker you will come up with something that suits them.

I am reminded of a photograph that I did of my own kids. You should know those closest around you best, so it should be easiest to get their personalities to come out, and capture them.

To understand my thinking you need to understand the personality of my 6 year old. He is number 3. My oldest is more quiet and less likely to come out his shell. My middle is just a sweet girl. But, the 6 year old is the wild child. All personality, and he has swindles that would make a political jealous.

While taking fall photographs of them separately and then together, I wanted something to highlight his crazy personality.

I say my oldest down and posed him. Then, I sat my daughter down and posed her as well. Then, I whispered my instructions to the youngest and told him to execute those instructions on the count of 3. His behavior messed up the poses of the other two a little bit, so there is nothing technically perfect about the pose, but the end result is a photography that captures a bit of the personality of all 3 of them.


Once again, this photo was taken during an “in between” period of my cameras and was taken with a simple Canon point and shoot camera.

A year later, I was doing the same thing again, with the same camera. While not my idea of portrait excellence, because I had to sacrifice some lighting and composition to get the photo I had in mind, it is still a very memorable photo for me. You can see some stray light peaking in when I would rather it not, and also some brighter spots in the background than I would have liked. But, it was still fun!


All planned, but also all fun!

Happy shooting!

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